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The Natural Resources industry faces environmental and social challenges across various sectors, including energy and minerals.
  • Energy and emissions management is a priority due to the significant contribution of the industry to global greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.
  • Water management is critical, especially in manufacturing, and sustainable use and conservation practices should be implemented.
  • Product efficiency and sustainability, including lifecycle emissions balance and product efficiency, must be considered.
  • Ecological impacts of project development and supply chain management, materials sourcing, and efficiency should be taken into account.
  • Climate change adaptation is essential to ensure the sustainability of the industry.
  • Indigenous peoples, hazardous waste management, and workforce health and safety must be considered in ecosystem services and social impacts.​
  • Operational safety, emergency preparedness, and response are important to protect the environment and communities.
  • Management of energy infrastructure integration and related regulations, product end-of-life management, and the sourcing and environmental impacts of feedstock production is crucial.
  • Compliance with the legal and regulatory environment is critical for reputation.
  • Supply chain management must be considered to ensure the ecological impacts are minimized.

Our platform model offers support to companies that are under increasing pressure to incorporate sustainability and ethical considerations into their business practices. This support includes several steps, such as creating awareness and familiarity with ESG considerations and developing a deeper understanding of the organization’s ESG goals and ambitions. Additionally, we assist companies in assessing the resources they need and developing a plan to obtain them, and we encourage the development of an ESG strategy within their organizational plan. Finally, our platform helps companies monitor and evaluate their ESG performance regularly to ensure they meet their goals and targets.