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Green Fuels Alliance
Denmark has launched the Green Fuels Alliance India (GFAI) to strengthen collaboration with India in sustainable energy solutions and advance their joint goal towards carbon neutrality. The alliance, led by the Danish Embassy and Consulate in India, aims to foster innovation and partnerships between Danish industries and their Indian counterparts, focusing on the Green Fuels sector including Green Hydrogen.

The primary goal of GFAI is to promote sustainable energy growth in India by creating an ecosystem for collaboration among businesses, government, research institutions, and financial stakeholders from both countries. Founding members include prominent Danish organizations such as Maersk, Topsoe, and Novozymes.

The initiative aligns with the broader Green Strategic Partnership between India and Denmark, supporting their climate targets, with India aiming for carbon neutrality by 2070 and Denmark leading in global climate performance. The GFAI features a Steering Committee comprised of Danish businesses and an Advisory Board of industry experts. It is inspired by initiatives such as the India-Denmark Energy Partnership and the Nation Green Hydrogen Mission.

The availability of green energy and green fuel in sufficient quantities at cost-competitive price levels is a challenge to the global shipping’s net-zero journey. India, with excellent conditions for renewable energy production and ambitions to be a global leader in the green energy value chain, is an ideal partner for this initiative.

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