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EdgeConneX, a global data center provider, has successfully secured $1.9 billion in sustainability-linked financing to support its expansion across the EMEA region, with interest rates tied to its environmental sustainability achievements. This marks a significant shift from project-based funding to a more comprehensive structured corporate debt package following its initial $2.9 billion sustainability-linked financing in 2022. Founded in 2009 and acquired by EQT Infrastructure in 2020, EdgeConneX specializes in providing scalable data center solutions. The company’s sustainability goals include achieving carbon, waste, and water neutrality, and powering its data centers with 100% renewable energy by 2030. The new financing arrangement incorporates sustainability-linked margin adjustments, which adjust interest rates based on the company’s progress towards these environmental targets. This transaction was highly sought after, attracting substantial interest from both existing and new lenders. Joe Harar, CFO of EdgeConneX, highlighted the deal’s success as a reaffirmation of their industry leadership and a milestone in their commitment to sustainability, expressing enthusiasm for the future opportunities this financing will create for the company and its stakeholders.

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