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EU Commission Approves €1.4 Billion State Aid for Hydrogen Project to Boost Green Mobility

The European Commission has sanctioned a €1.4 billion state aid package to support the IPCEI Hy2Move project, aimed at advancing hydrogen technology in the mobility and transport sectors. This initiative aligns with the EU’s climate-neutral goals by 2050 and supports the European Green Deal and the EU Hydrogen Strategy. Prepared by seven member states, the project will involve 11 companies working on 13 innovative projects, focusing on hydrogen applications in road, maritime, and aviation transport. The project is expected to attract an additional €3.3 billion in private investments, create 3,600 direct jobs, and foster significant advancements in fuel cell technologies, on-board hydrogen storage, and hydrogen production for transport applications. The EU Commission has confirmed that the project meets its state aid rules, ensuring it contributes to common objectives while limiting competition distortions.

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