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Carbon Removal

The European Parliament has voted to adopt a new law establishing a certification system for carbon removals, aiming to monitor, quantify, and verify the effectiveness of such initiatives while addressing the issue of greenwashing. The law, passed by a significant majority, is a key component of the EU’s broader strategy under the European Green Deal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. This framework will support the development of both natural carbon sinks and technological solutions like Direct Air Capture, ensuring they contribute positively to climate goals. The certification system will demand strict adherence to criteria ensuring the quality and sustainability of carbon removal activities, including the longevity of carbon storage and its overall environmental impact. The move not only promises to enhance trust in carbon removal technologies but also offers new income avenues for industries and land managers engaged in carbon farming practices. With the European Parliament’s approval, the legislation now awaits the final nod from EU member states in the Council before it can be enforced.

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