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BCG Partners with Twelve for Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Achieve Net-Zero by 2030

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has entered into an agreement with Twelve, a carbon transformation company, to purchase sustainable aviation fuel certificates (SAFc) from 2026 to 2029. This partnership aims to reduce BCG’s emissions by over 4,000 metric tons of CO2 and supports its goal of achieving net-zero climate impact by 2030. As part of the First Movers Coalition, BCG targets replacing at least 5% of its conventional jet fuel with high-quality SAF by 2030. Twelve’s E-Jet® fuel, produced via a power-to-liquid process using renewable electricity and biogenically sourced CO2, can reduce lifecycle emissions by up to 90% compared to kerosene. The agreement will be managed through the SAFc Registry, ensuring transparency and consistency in the SAF certificate market. BCG’s Chief Sustainability Officer, David Webb, emphasized the company’s commitment to advancing sustainable aviation fuels. Nicholas Flanders, cofounder and CEO of Twelve, highlighted the critical role of corporations like BCG in driving the development and demand for SAF.

Find out more about BCG’s commitment to sustainable aviation and its partnership with Twelve here.

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