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Methane Emissions
December 10, 2023

On Food and Agriculture Day at COP28, Environment and Climate Change Canada announced a new draft protocol under Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System. The protocol, known as Reducing Enteric Methane Emissions from Beef Cattle (REME), aims to incentivize farmers to reduce enteric methane emissions from their beef cattle operations.

Enteric methane emissions are released during the natural digestive process of cows. The REME protocol encourages farmers to reduce these emissions by improving animal diets and management, and implementing strategies that support more efficient animal growth. Each credit, representing one tonne of emission reductions, can be sold to facilities to meet emissions reduction obligations or to other businesses to meet their low-carbon economy commitments.

The REME protocol was developed with input from technical experts in the agricultural sector and provinces and territories that have shown leadership in agricultural environmental action. It is part of a series of measures by the Government of Canada to decarbonize the agricultural sector, including a $12 million investment in the Agricultural Methane Reduction Challenge.

The Government of Canada is seeking stakeholder input on the draft REME protocol, with the final protocol expected to be published in summer 2024. This will allow farmers to begin registering their projects in Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System.

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