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Google Launches Pioneering Offsite Heat Recovery Project in Finland, Delivering 97% Carbon-Free Energy to Local Community

Google has initiated its first offsite heat recovery project in partnership with Haminan Energia, aimed at providing sustainable heat to the local community in Hamina, Finland. This innovative project will capture heat generated by Google’s Hamina data center, which operates with 97% carbon-free energy, and redirect it to meet 80% of the annual heat demand for the district heating network. The recovered heat will be distributed free of charge to households, schools, and public service buildings, significantly reducing the carbon emissions footprint of the district heating system. This initiative supports Google’s broader goal of achieving net-zero emissions across all operations and its clean energy target of running offices and data centers on 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2030. The project highlights the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and enhances Finland’s reputation for technological innovation.

Learn more about Google’s sustainable initiatives and their impact on local communities here.

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