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EIB and Deutsche Bank Introduce Mortgage Program for Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Homes

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Deutsche Bank have launched a new mortgage program aimed at promoting climate-friendly housing and energy-efficient home renovations in Germany. The program will offer over €600 million in discounted mortgages to individuals building new eco-friendly homes or upgrading their existing homes to improve energy efficiency. Supported by a €150 million mezzanine tranche guaranteed by the EIB, this initiative allows Deutsche Bank to pass on the financial benefits to its clients through reduced mortgage rates. Loans will be available via Deutsche Bank, DSL Bank, and BHW Bausparkasse. Borrowers must meet strict sustainability criteria, such as reducing primary energy demand by at least 30% for modernizations. This partnership aims to facilitate low-interest loans to support the construction and renovation of climate-friendly housing, helping thousands of households reduce energy costs and improve their environmental footprint.

Discover more about this innovative mortgage program and how it can help you build or renovate your home sustainably here.

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