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Heidelberg Materials Unveils Green Finance Framework to Enhance Decarbonization Efforts

Heidelberg Materials has launched a Green Finance Framework to fund sustainable projects and support its decarbonization initiatives. This framework is aligned with current best market practices and standards, enabling the company to issue Green Bonds to finance or refinance assets and capital expenditures that meet specified eligibility criteria. The initiative aims to increase the share of sustainable financial instruments to over 70% by 2025, reflecting the company’s commitment to its environmental strategy. Heidelberg Materials’ CFO René Aldach emphasized the framework’s role in ensuring continued funding for sustainable projects, while Chief Sustainability Officer Dr. Nicola Kimm highlighted the integration of financial and ESG aspects as a growing trend. The framework aligns with the ICMA’s Green Bond Principles and the LMA’s Green Loan Principles, and has received validation from ISS Corporate, confirming its contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and its consistency with the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

Learn more about Heidelberg Materials’ Green Finance Framework and its impact on sustainable development here.

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