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A recent Deloitte survey reveals that nearly half of Gen Z and millennials have rejected employers due to climate concerns, highlighting the growing importance of environmental values in career choices. The 2024 survey, engaging nearly 23,000 respondents across 44 countries, shows that these generations prioritize job satisfaction, purpose, and sustainability. With the cost of living remaining a top concern, there is cautious optimism about economic improvement. However, anxiety about climate change is prompting many to align their careers and consumer behaviors with their environmental values. This trend is pushing businesses to take climate action, as over half of the respondents pressure their employers to address climate change. Additionally, work/life balance and mental health remain critical issues, with a significant portion of respondents experiencing stress due to long working hours and lack of control over their work environment. The survey also explores the impact of generative AI on career decisions, with mixed feelings about its potential benefits and risks. Overall, the findings underscore the need for businesses to create purpose-driven, supportive, and flexible work environments to attract and retain talent from these generations.

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