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SBTi Addresses Bloomberg’s Coverage on Scope 3 Emissions Reporting Challenges

In response to a recent Bloomberg article, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) CEO clarified the organization’s commitment to a thorough and transparent standard-setting process for its Corporate Net-Zero Standard. SBTi emphasized that no changes to the standards have been made without following the established Standard Operating Procedure, which includes public consultation and formal approval by governance bodies. The SBTi highlighted the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives, particularly from the Global South, in revising the standards. The CEO underscored the urgency of the review process for scope 3 emissions and rejected any mischaracterizations of the SBTi’s procedures. The revision aims to align with best practices, address scope 3 challenges, and improve interoperability with other frameworks. The first phase of the revision, including a results report and a discussion paper, is expected to be released by mid-2024, with public consultation on the draft standard anticipated by the end of the year.

Learn more about SBTi’s efforts to refine scope 3 emissions reporting and its approach to setting robust sustainability standards here.

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