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Border to Coast Pensions Partnership Secures £1.2 Billion for Climate Investment Fund Expansion

Border to Coast Pensions Partnership has significantly boosted its private markets program to £16 billion, following additional commitments from LGPS Partner Funds. The recent £3.6 billion commitment includes £1.2 billion for the second Climate Opportunities fund, aimed at investments that support global decarbonization efforts. This new funding builds on the £1.4 billion already invested through the first Climate Opportunities fund. Additionally, Border to Coast has launched a £0.5 billion ‘UK Opportunities’ portfolio to invest in productive finance assets across housing, transport, energy, and growth finance in the UK. Joe McDonnell, Chief Investment Officer, emphasized the benefits of pooling resources, which include fee reductions and broader investment opportunities. The Climate Opportunities portfolio focuses on projects like renewable energy, battery storage, and sustainable industrial processes, crucial for achieving net-zero targets.

Learn more about Border to Coast’s Climate Opportunities fund and UK Opportunities portfolio here.

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