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The European Commission has initiated action against 20 airlines in collaboration with EU consumer authorities, targeting misleading greenwashing practices regarding CO2 emissions offsetting claims. Airlines have been urged to align their practices with EU consumer law or face potential enforcement actions, including sanctions. This move follows a complaint by the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and underscores a growing intolerance towards greenwashing, particularly in the highly polluting aviation sector. Recent legal rulings against airlines for misleading sustainability claims further highlight the urgency of addressing greenwashing practices. Identified misleading practices include ambiguous claims about CO2 emissions offsetting, unjustified use of terms like “”sustainable aviation fuel,”” and vague assertions of environmental performance without clear commitments or independent monitoring. This action is part of the EU’s broader legislative efforts to combat greenwashing and protect consumers, emphasizing the need for transparent and scientifically substantiated environmental claims. EU Commission Vice-President Věra Jourová stressed the importance of providing consumers with accurate information amidst the green transition, emphasizing the Commission’s commitment to fighting greenwashing across all industries.

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