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Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Salesforce Launch Symbiosis Coalition for Nature-Based Carbon Removal Efforts

Google has announced the formation of Symbiosis, a coalition with Meta, Microsoft, and Salesforce aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of nature-based carbon removal projects. This multi-company effort seeks to leverage the latest scientific advancements to scale high-quality carbon removal solutions, such as reforestation and mangrove restoration. Symbiosis addresses the complexities of measuring and verifying the climate impact of these projects by establishing new benchmarks and shared criteria for project design and measurement. The coalition also focuses on restoring biodiversity and ensuring fair involvement of Indigenous and local communities. This initiative builds on Google’s experience with the Frontier coalition and aims to contribute to its net-zero emissions goal by 2030. By pooling demand for high-standard carbon removal credits and making project criteria public, Symbiosis encourages broader adoption of best practices in nature-based solutions.

Learn more about the Symbiosis Coalition and its role in advancing nature-based carbon removal initiatives here.

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